The Farm KitThe Farm KitThe Farm Kit

The Farm Kit


The kit contains self-assembly paper layouts in the characters of: a farmer and his wife-farmer, a barn, a tractor, a cow, 2 chickens, a pig and a vegetables garden.

Product Description

Welcome to our new Farm Kit! this Kit is designed for the younger ages of (4-9) without the need for glue or paste and it is designed to meet the needs of the younger child. It is, in fact, a “ first time” construction
kit to enable the child to experience this endeavor, to “ try it on for size” , so to speak, for
the first time in order to see what it is all about. It is made from stiff paper and is illustrated
and designed in the full tradition of PaperCat’s other construction booklets. The kit is designed
for both boys and girls. The stages of construction are simple: popping out the various pieces
(without the need for scissors), quick and easy construction in two stages, and…. Let’s go, it’s
time to play!

Additional Information

Dimensions 26 x 28 cm