Happy Paper Toys

“Happy Paper Toys” are self-assembly toys series. They come in the form of colorful designed booklets. Inside each booklet there are paper toys in 2-dimensional layouts, which can easily be popped out of the page (no need for scissors!). Each toy has fun comics-style instructions; you only need to have is clear fast-drying glue, a string (for the transportation series only) and ….patience on hand!
The booklets are intended for various ages:
Ages 4-10- can construct with the help of a parent for a quality time of “togetherness”.
Ages 10 and up- can enjoy the challenge of assembling by themselves.
The time spent constructing is magical: watching the two-dimensional sheet of paper being transformed, bit by bit, into a fun toy each time you fold it, leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

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